O(n/2) sorting algorithm

Just managed to construct an O(n/2) sorting algorithm. It is an incredible sorting algorithm that manages to sort through an array faster than any other known sorting algorithm. The core of the algorithm is a new found mathematical method known as phuturo-operators.

The phuturo-operator works by building a phuturo-model of all the previous elements in order to accurately estimate the next element and then moving the current element to an estimated location in the array based on the next element in the array without actually reading it.

This algorithm makes it possible to read only every other element in an array and improves on the christallis-sphere algorithm by increasing it’s accuracy to 100.01%.

Unfortunately the algorithm is not stable. However revision 2 of the phuturo algorithm is already in the works to rectify this issue.

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  1. Sebastian Wain April 15, 2013

    You can hack it very easily changing your “phuturo operator” for the “prophet operator”. It can even run between O(0) and O(1) 😉

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