Last straw

Tldr: uninstalled Facebook app today, because it now makes sounds by default when I tap on something. 

It’s been a long time coming. The inevitable, however slow, withdrawal from  Facebook. At one point I was finding 20 new friends a day on Facebook. I was posting pictures, writing entries, and making comments. 

Then at some point there was no one left to friend. Everyone I knew, or had once known, was now my friend. However small our interaction had once been, a simple common friend or a shared photo was all that had been need for a friendship on Facebook. 

But now the only new friends I was making were the ones I was making in real life. And that wasn’t 10 per day, or even 10 per month. 

I posted less, and when I did I had higher expectations. Easily squashed because no one saw my post. Or cared. Why would they? Fewer and fewer posts were about anything meaningful. The only things left were funny cat videos and advertising. 

Then one day the chat feature disappeared. 

A simple message left in its wake. A message telling me, that I needed another app. One that would bother me more, drawing on my attention, forcing me to sell my soul so I could once again send that old high school friend a private message, not shared with the entire world, to ask if they would meet up when I came to their country next Monday. 

And today. With the regular Facebook app taunting me about messages that can only be read if I install just one more app, and otherwise only selling me how to loose weight by end of spring, now with a new annoying clicking sound…it’s life ended, by a long touch, a squirming wiggle followed by the enevitable touch of the round blue x. 

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