Software is not a chair

Today I read a nice blog post about finishing your projects on hackernews, then read the comments and after a while came across a bunch of people ranting about how analogies are bad.

After this I started thinking about what a software chair would be like.

  1. Software has bugs. This is equivalent to a chair that breaks when someone sits on it at a strange angle.
  2. Software must be updated to support changes on the platform. Essentially a chair standing on a floor that someone keeps making uneven in new ways, or if someone kept adjusting friction and gravity, or the strength of the materials you used.
  3. Software can be copied. Those copies can be altered and the changes merged back into the original. Essentially a play-doh chair created with a 3D scanner and 3D printer.
  4. Software is not feature complete. The seller at the shop is selling you a new comfy chair, but what is delivered in a stool and a note saying that there will be updates.

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