Reusing my ebook reader


I have a Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader that I can’t use as an ebook reader anymore due to the battery no longer holding a charge. The ebook runs android and I was able to root it so I could make it stay on for as long as the power was plugged in.

A bit of javascript and php magic to make a webpage pulling in the weather chart from and the upcoming subway times from and I have a super useful display in my livingroom.

Being an ebook it has an e-ink display which doesn’t call attention to itself like an lcd screen would. It’s super comfortable and only flickers for a split second when there is a new weather chart every half hour. The subway times change without refreshing the entire screen.

Finally I got hold of an IKEA picture frame, and together with my trusty dremel I shaved off enough material to fit the ebook inside. I was considering modifying the ebook, but after looking at a video online I figured it was risky and not really worth it.


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