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Choppers at work coming to pick me up


My flat lamp

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 15.05.41So I’ve just changed out my old jQuery Mobile design for a new flat version [1] which looks a lot slicker. Works great on my laptop and iPad. The slider works perfectly, and double tapping it puts the lamp in auto mode (it has an ambient light sensor).

The plus and minus buttons adjusts the timer and pushing the Timer Long button sets it. Unfortunately I haven’t got feedback on the timer, so the value doesn’t decrement over time. The timer slowly decreases the brightness, so the slider does move with the changes (though only for the primary client and not for any other clients). On the iPad there are no arrows on the timer value, so the plus and minus buttons are very useful, also they change the value by 5 which is much more convenient.

The flower shows the health of my potted rose. I’ve attached the Arduino I use for the lamp to a homemade moisture sensor placed in the pot. When the webpage shows the flower drooping it’s time to fill up the water tank for the self-watering pot, if the plant is drooping badly, black and dead, then watering is long overdue.

Other than that the two way Web Socket solution works fairly well. The Java server does operate in sync mode (not async), so there is a slight lag if a client with high latency is connected (far away or cellular connection).


Public Security


Gooooo INTEL 🙂

Bing knows how to translate my name to english :D

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.49.49

O(n/2) sorting algorithm

Just managed to construct an O(n/2) sorting algorithm. It is an incredible sorting algorithm that manages to sort through an array faster than any other known sorting algorithm. The core of the algorithm is a new found mathematical method known as phuturo-operators.

The phuturo-operator works by building a phuturo-model of all the previous elements in order to accurately estimate the next element and then moving the current element to an estimated location in the array based on the next element in the array without actually reading it.

This algorithm makes it possible to read only every other element in an array and improves on the christallis-sphere algorithm by increasing it’s accuracy to 100.01%.

Unfortunately the algorithm is not stable. However revision 2 of the phuturo algorithm is already in the works to rectify this issue.

iAnal – The new lube from Apple

IANAL is an acronym for I-AM-NOT-A-LAWYER. Which apparently you have to amend to comments written in the US because otherwise someone could take your comment as gods word and sue you for malpractice, or something like that.

I still think it’s much more fun to write iAnal 😀

Really good ideas

There are some really good ideas that just don’t work, at the moment, in the near future, or even in the distant future.

For all those big dreamers out there. Having a real AI would be amazing, and is also a great idea. Imagine all the things you could have it do for you. Read all your papers and tell you which ones are important. Plan your vacation for you. Do all your mundane work.

Though, as cool as AI is, it’s completely infeasible at the moment, in the near future and quite probably will remain a gimmick for many years to come.

Though just because it’s impossible doesn’t mean the idea isn’t great.

The end of hunger and poverty, war and violence. All great ideas. Just because we can’t manage them now, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to achieve them.

Datatrafikk hos Telenor

Siden jeg her om dagen pekte ut Netcom for villedende priser passer det bra Ă„ peke ut Telenor for villedende produktbeskrivelse i dag.


Komplett XL har fri bruk av datatrafikk. Da burde man vel tenke av man fÄr opp til 20-50 GB med datatrafikk, men nei da. Du fÄr 6 GB, som bare er dobbelt av Komplett L. Hvis du bruker mer blir du satt ned i hastighet, til 100 kbit (ca 0.1 mbit).

Og 6 GB er ca 5 HD episoder med House MD. Eller Dagsrevyen den fĂžrste uka, sĂ„ nettradio med dĂ„rlig kvalitet (64 kbit) i de siste 3 ukene 😀